Wedding Registry, 10 Dos & Donts

It’s nearly wedding season! And, we’re headed to our first wedding in a couple of weeks in Arizona. It takes me back to the exciting time of our wedding, and I just can’t help but write a little bit about it.

Ryan and I will be married for two years in July, so you think we would’ve used everything we’ve registered for . . . well we haven’t or we’ve only used it once. And, I’m also pleasantly surprised on some items we used more than I thought we would.

Wedding Registry

Here are my dos & donts of wedding registry:

1. Remove your fondue set
It’s a fun idea and all . . . but you aren’t going to use it. Or maybe you use it once every five years. It’s a waste. We used ours for the first time for Valentine’s Day, and we couldn’t make it perfect. Allow yourself to get something that you will actually use and visit the Melting Pot if you really want fondue.

2. Register for nice serving platters/bowls
I love Crate & Barrel. And, I registered for the best serving platters and bowls. I love them! They are perfect and get used a lot. You don’t need multiple styles, just stick with one style and mix-n-match. They’re a little fancy and perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, birthdays, etc.

3. Remove the candles and picture frames
Unless you’re some crazy candle lady, you can buy your own, and you don’t need to register for them. And, the picture frames that say “Love” tend to be tacky. So, ditch them! Have someone get you towels instead, something useful that you will have to buy anyways.


4. Register for sheets
I didn’t register for sheets, and I regret it. They’re expensive, so register for them and pray you get them! I might be biased, but sheets are one of those things you use every day, and I still have trouble buying them.

5. Remove random things from your list
The random things I added to my list were biscuit cutters, crab crackers, and frosting froster. Let’s be real . . . my husband does the cooking, and we don’t eat biscuits. We eat crab occasionally, and I can’t even find the crackers (I think they’re packed away). And, we use frosting out of a can. Remove the useless things. Don’t fool yourself, you aren’t going use them!

6. Register for at least one thing fun
Ryan and I love, love, love football. He is a Bears fan, and I am a Seahawks fan. We registered for two beer glasses each with our team’s logo on it. Totally worth it! It’s something fun you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself, but they are our favorite glasses during game days.

7. Remove anything you already have that you like
Let’s say you already have decent wine glasses . . . guess what, you probably don’t need new ones. It isn’t worth it to trade everything in to get new ones because there is probably something on your registry that you don’t have that you really want. For me, I had a Keurig, not the newest, but it works. I didn’t register for another because I’d rather someone give me that $100 they would’ve spent or bought me something I really needed.

8. Register for only one bathroom in your house
I recommend registering for your master bathroom only. Ryan and I owned a home, so I registered for both our master and our guest bathroom. The stuff I wanted for the master was expensive. I think the trash can was like $60, but I really wanted it! Then, I ended up getting ½ of what I wanted for each bathroom. So, I had to go in and buy the $20 toothbrush holder myself. Registering for one bathroom only, probably would’ve gotten me the more expensive stuff for the master bath.

9. Remove décor!!!!!!!!
This kind of plays of the candle and picture frame one but just don’t ask for decorations. It’s pointless. Generally, it is something that you will buy with your gift cards, but asking for that as a gift is weird to me. I don’t know why, it just is. I think registries should be focused on needs, especially since if you don’t get those you have to buy them anyway.

10. Register for something you wouldn’t normally get yourself
For me this was the blanket basket of my dreams, and I just had to have it. Sometimes people want to buy you something useful but not your plates you want. That’s when stuff like a blanket basket or an awesome vase comes in. Stuff that will a) be used b) is a little fancy. This category is generally purchased by your mom’s friend that loves decorating or a great aunt that has a little extra cash.

Registering was one of my favorite things. I could see my little home coming together with Ryan. We loved going to registry events, where they shut down the store just for those getting married. It was a great way to be with your significant other and pick out stuff for your new place together.

I just can’t wait for wedding season! Have you followed me on Instagram yet? Click here to follow today!

– the Helm Household

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Road Trip: Orlando, Savannah, Charleston

I’ve never told you what my day job is, so I will now. I’m a Marketing Specialist for a Software Company. It’s been the only job I’ve had since college. One of the great perks is that we do retreats twice a year. Since we’re a semi-virtual company, it’s the easiest way for everyone to get together.

And, this January . . . it’s at Disney World. Yes, Disney World. I’m so excited! We’ve only been to Disney World one other time, January 2013.


My husband is coming for the last half of the week, and this is going to be our first real vacation since our honeymoon in July 2014. We’ve been a little busy since then: bought a house, sold a house, moved to Colorado, etc. So, we are really excited.

We have a plan . . .

Thursday & Friday Night: Disney World

Saturday Night: Savannah

Sunday & Monday: Charleston

We plan to drive from Orlando to Savannah to Charleston. And, we’ve both never been to Savannah or Charleston, so if you have any tips . . . send them our way! I’m so excited for our little getaway. It’s probably the cheapest way for us to do a little vacation, the only thing we will miss is our cutie lil puppy: Koda.


I’m so in love with Savannah and Charleston from pictures and stories from those that have been there . . . it’s somewhere I think I could live, yet I’ve never been there. So, this is our first chance!

Our goal this vacation is to stay on the cheap end. Being newly married, the money definitely isn’t flowing in like it could possibly in our 30s. So, I plan to do a recap of the cost of our trip and give you an overview of how we paid for it.

Please comment any tips you have for Charleston and Savannah! I’d love to hear them. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see all our vacation pictures!

-the Helm Household