My Netflix Must Watch List

I’ve been attempting to remove some TV from my life because to be honest, I freaking love watching TV. Let’s just say if other people have fun hobbies, stuff that makes them sound cool, I don’t have one of those . . . I watch TV. If I named off all the shows I watched, you’d be like how do you even have friends?

The weird thing is I’ve never met someone who loves TV more than me except for possibly my husband and my best friend. We watch it all: reality TV, crime shows, teenage girl shows . . . truly anything.

So, I thought I’d give you a few that I’m currently loving:

The 100, 2 Seasons on Netflix
I discovered this series on Netflix last week, and this is what actually prompted me to write this blog. I hadn’t heard about it. And, it is so good! I watched both seasons on Netflix in less than 10 days. If I had to relate it to another show, I’d say it’s like Lost but better. Thank you Netflix gods who recommended it to me! For a little bit of the back story, basically there is a war on Earth, so people have to move to space. Then, nearly 100 years later, they have to go back down to Earth because they don’t have enough Oxygen to survive. I promise you won’t be disappointed in this show!

Scandal, 4 Seasons on Netflix
Because who doesn’t think Kerry Washington is gorgeous? Scandal is such a great show, I’ve been watching since the beginning and this season is not disappointing. It’s definitely a political drama, but it isn’t like House of Cards. I could never get into House of Cards because I refuse to watch shows that you have to think the entire time. It’s kind of like Game of Thrones, I can never follow it because it requires my undivided attention, which doesn’t work because I’m always doing something while watching TV.

Grey’s Anatomy, 11 Seasons on Netflix
Holy cannoli! Has this season been insane or what? Honestly, Greys had gotten a little boring, sorry die-hard fans, (****SPOILER ALERT****) since Christina left the cast. But, I stuck through it and let me tell you this season is one for the books. It’s probably one of my favorite seasons yet.

Those are my top three currently! Well it doesn’t include the Walking Dead, but everyone loves the Walking Dead and recommends it.

Do you have any recommendations? Or questions on advice if you should watch a particular show? Put them in the comments below!

I can’t wait to hear from you,

– the Helm Household


Why you need to move in your 20s

I remember being 20, I had just graduated from college, and I was moving to Illinois from Washington. See my boyfriend of 8 months, now my husband, lived in Illinois and was still in school. He flew out for my graduation party, and we packed up and were on the road in the next couple of days.

Let’s just say I balled my eyes out the first night in the hotel. Like balled. I’d miss my family, I didn’t know anyone, what was I thinking moving in with a guy I’d only known for 8 months? Side note: 8 months of living in two different places, and only being around each other for maybe a month of it. 

That was in 2012. Now, it’s 2016, and since then, I’ve lived in Illinois for 2 years, Washington for just over a year, and now Colorado for 5 months. And, I haven’t even turned 24 yet.

It’s kind of unbelievable how much we’ve moved, it’s really been an adventure. Honestly, I’d never want to do it with kids, but since we just have us and our dog it’s been pretty easy.

But why is it important to move in your 20s?

  • Maybe where you grew up, really isn’t where you want to live forever

Shocker! I know. But, if you don’t allow for yourself to move away, you won’t know that. My husband is a great example. He grew up in a town of 1,200 people, and he thought he would live there forever. He then met me, and I ruined that, but he currently loves Colorado. If he hadn’t been okay with moving, he wouldn’t know that.

  • To explore! 

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t sound awesome to live in the middle of Illinois. At least it didn’t to me. But, when we lived near Springfield, we were 3 hours from Chicago, 1.5 from St. Louis, 3 hours from Indianapolis, 6 hours from Nashville, and 5 hours from Cincinnati. Sounds a little bit better, right? We were able to see so much of the United States from just being there and being in such a close driving distance from everything.

  • Living on your own and relying on yourself

This can be either with a significant other or if you are moving just by yourself. Colorado is the first place where neither of our parents are. We’re relying on each other to do everything. Who knew boarding your dog cost so much? Or that it sucks when your car gets totaled and you only have one car for an entire week?

Let me tell you, you might hate it at first. But, allowing yourself to embrace it is much easier. I had to learn that the hard way moving to Colorado. I did not want to be here at all. I wasn’t ready to move from Washington and near my parents, we had only been there a year.  And, I was mad. Everything about Colorado made me mad, but then I decided to embrace it.

I realize we aren’t going to live here forever, and my husband loves it. But, we do have this time now to explore, and I’ve been realizing it’s been good for us. You can always move back or settle down when you decide to have kids. But, when you’re in your 20s, it’s your time to explore.

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-the Helm Household

Why not ask for a raise? Guys do.

It’s known that women tend to make less than men. Personally, I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, but I do believe that women are just as capable as men.

But, let’s be honest. It is really a struggle for women today to ask for a raise. But, why is it so easy for men to do it? Are they just more cutthroat than us?

What I’ve always heard is that women don’t ask. And, if you don’t ask, how are you going to get one?

Last year, I had to have “the talk” with my boss. I wanted a raise, and I was beyond nervous to ask for one. Here is the premise: I started at the company I work for at the age of 20, I’m now 23 and have almost been there for 4 years (this April). Originally all I did was Social Media, then I did majority of Marketing, and now I manage one other marketer.

As you can imagine, my role changed, but my salary didn’t reflect that.

So . . . last year, I was really unhappy with that and decided I needed to talk to my boss about it. Did I deserve a raise? Yes. Was my company that I work for going to give me one unless I asked? No.

I began by doing research. I looked at overall country to see what my role made, then based on the location I lived. Then, I proceeded to write down how my role has changed, such as the priorities I’ve taken on that I didn’t have before and how I’ve grown throughout my time there.

Lastly, I came up with a number of what I wanted to make. Don’t forget to factor in benefits, benefits at some companies aren’t great but at others they add into your salary. For instance, my company gives us a personal development fund for things like the gym because they support a healthy lifestyle!

Once I had all my ducks in a row, I was ready to meet. I laid out what I was hoping for and why I believed I deserved it. And, honestly, for me, it worked as best as I could have hoped. I know everyone says, “the worst they can say is no.” But, sometimes no hurts; if you really believe you deserve a raise, have a backup plan if they say no.

My biggest mistake being with the same company for so long is that at every point of my role changing I didn’t address the needed salary increase. I became stagnant because I wasn’t willing to ask.

So . . . women! We got this. And, don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve. Trust me, the guys do.

– the Helm Household

Exploring Colorado: Garden of the Gods & Celestial Seasonings

Since moving to Colorado in October, I haven’t had much time to explore. One of the major reasons is that I traveled for over a month for work and Christmas. But the last couple of weekends, I’ve been able to wander around Colorado.

Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods is about an hour and a half from where we live, and it is south of Denver. I hadn’t been south of Denver, and it is gorgeous there! If I didn’t work closer to Boulder, I definitely would move south of Denver. It reminds me more of Washington than where we currently live.


We took our little fluff and got to hike around. Originally, we thought there was only the path on the inside where everyone was walking in heels and with strollers. But, you could really take a good three hours and hike on the opposite side of the road and get a decent workout in. It also has great views on this hike.

We definitely will have to bring family here when they come out in the summer time. It’s gorgeous and worth the drive. I highly recommend bringing a few towels though if you bring your dog, our little guy got more than messy on the trails!

Kissing Camels


Celestial Seasonings

This weekend my parents were supposed to come out, but our family dog was having some issues, so my dad had to stay home. Which means, our plans to go to the Coors Brewery tour would be put on hold.

So, I was looking up things to do in Boulder, and I found Celestial Seasonings. If you’re a tea drinker, this is the tour for you! It’s a great, free tour that is about 45 minutes long. You get free tea, you get to go in the mint room, and you can buy their tea Fast Lane that is only sold there; it has more caffeine than a cup of drip coffee, which is awesome!


Just an FYI, men if you have any type of facial hair you get to add a beard net to the already awesome hair net.

I’ve had a few great back-to-back exploring weekends in Colorado. And, currently I’m just trying to stay warm from the never-ending snow.

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-the Helm Household

My Colorado Avalanche Bud Light Ultimate Experience

The craziest thing happened to me this last weekend. I tweeted this:


Bud Light tweeted me back:


They asked if I wanted the Ultimate Experience. I mean seems kind of sketchy, is Bud Light just messing with me?

Well . . . it turns out they weren’t! I DM’d them, and they gave me contact info for a Promotions worker at the game. I had won 2 really good seats to the Avalanche game that night and to be able to go in the Avalanche Penalty Box during warm-ups.



Since we were already going to the game with friends, my husband and I were able to head up early and take advantage of being in the Penalty Box during warm-ups. And, I was also able to give my cousin the tickets that I had won to the game, and we sat in our original seats.

To top it off, we made it on the big screen using #BeAPartOfIt.


It was perfect! Such a great experience, that we would definitely never get to do if I hadn’t tweeted.

Moral of the story: When Bud Light asks if you want the Ultimate Experience. It’s not a joke . . . TAKE IT.

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Cheers Colorado!

– the Helm Household

Valentine’s Day Hype

Typically, Valentine’s Day is stuffy . . . full of expectations that tend to never be met. Personally, the typical Valentine’s day just isn’t for me. My husband and I did one normal Valentine’s day I think two years ago. And, it cost us around $200 bucks for dinner.

That’s expensive, especially when you’re trying to save like we are. Most restaurants require you to purchase their 5 course meal that is twice the price just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

To me, that’s not what it’s about. It is a time to celebrate your relationship, but how about actually doing what you enjoy? Not what you’re supposed to do on Valentine’s day.


Our Valentine’s Day Plan


Flower Budget

I just coined this term. He buys me pretty flowers, and I buy him something in the range he will be spending on the flowers. This removes the stress of picking out something perfect. It’s simple.


Make Dinner at Home

My husband is a chef. Legit, a chef. I’m horrible in the kitchen. I can chop an onion with my onion goggles or make a salad. I always say if I was required to cook for the two of us, we would live off of popcorn, grilled cheese, and caesar salad.

For the appetizer, we’re going to just do a meat and cheese plate. Then, we’re going to buy a ton of crab, attempt to cook it, and have that as our main course. For dessert, we’re going to do fondue. Who else registered for a fondue thing, got it for their wedding, and has never used it?


For drinks, Ryan will buy his favorite beer, and I will probably get my go-to Cabernet from 14 Hands. I also might buy a bottle of my favorite champagne ever, Segura Viudas.


Go to a movie, just kidding . . we’re going on a hike

I’m the worst person in the world to take to a movie. For starters, I have this thing I call the “nervous pee”. I know, gross . . . right? But, I get myself so worked up that I’m not going to have access to the bathroom, I have to pee like 12x before the movie. My husband is probably the only person in the world that could put up with it. It’s annoying, even to me. Secondly, I always fall asleep. I don’t know what it is, but I love to sleep in movie theaters. I think that it’s just dark, I don’t get to sleep much between work and school . . . BAM I just paid for a $12 nap. So, we definitely won’t be going to the movies. Instead, we’re thinking of heading to Boulder area to go on a hike.

Ultimately, Valentine’s day is whatever you want it to be with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. But, I recommend doing what is fun for two of you. Don’t do what is the typical Valentine’s day hype says you have to do. You know your relationship . . . if you love watching horror movies, do that. If you love some dive-bar near your house, go there.

It isn’t about showing everyone else on Instagram how awesome your relationship is. It is about showing the one person that matters most to you, how great it is and how much you appreciate them.


Cheers to another great Valentine’s Day!


-the Helm Household

Recap from Charleston and Savannah Road Trip

My favorite thing about a road trip is just getting time to spend with my husband. It’s such an easy way to trap him a car and make him talk to me! Haha, I’m just kidding. In our second month of being together, we took a 5 hour road trip from eastern Washington to Seattle area without any music the entire time. So, it’s safe to say they hold a special little place in my heart.

Our latest road trip adventure was from Orlando to Savannah to Charleston.

Orlando is mostly Disney World. Ryan only joined me for a couple days of that trip, due to the fact that it was a work trip. We did get to enjoy a night at Hollywood Studios, though, and I definitely don’t recommend that park if anyone in your group gets motion sickness. Epcot is definitely the park for you.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed to the airport to pick up our rental car. And, we were off! It’s about a four hour drive to Savannah–not too shabby. We only had one night in Savannah, and we chose to do a Haunted Drinking Tour of the town. It was actually more fun than we thought it would be.


We weren’t sure where to eat dinner. Normally, I’m a planner . . . I mean a PLANNER. But, this trip, I honestly just didn’t have the mental capacity to plan anything, so instead we asked locals. We were told to try out the Public, it was SO good. Totally worth the trip! The venue was gorgeous, but it was kind of small (just an FYI).

The next day, we packed up and were headed to Charleston. But, we decided to stop by Hilton Head first. And, let me say, I wish I was retired because I would move to Hilton Head in a heartbeat. I think if I moved there now, I’d pull the average age to possibly 40. It’s gorgeous! We walked on the beach and just drove around the island for a bit.


Next stop: Charleston. We were able to stay at the Francis Marion, which is right on King Street. And, every second Sunday on King Street, it shuts down. Only pedestrians and so much great shopping.


A couple highlights from Charleston was the carriage ride we did around the city. I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to do it, but it was definitely worth the money. It’s such a fun way to understand the history of Charleston.

We also went to Folly Beach, which I highly recommend. It was kind of chilly, but it was fun to walk on the Pier and finally see the ocean again! Being from the Seattle area, I’ve been missing my ocean views now that I live in Colorado.


For a restaurant, I recommend Fleet Landing. It is on the water, and it is definitely walking distance from King street. We drove just because it was cold, but the food was great I had fresh scallops and my husband had swordfish. I didn’t check if they had many options other than seafood, though.

It was a great road trip. Our conclusion was we would definitely go and vacation in Charleston, again. We liked Savannah, but it just seemed more of a party city, and we’re old and married.

Our tour guide in Savannah said it best: “Savannah and Charleston are sister cities. Savannah is just the rebel child with tattoos.” Truly was a great analogy after visiting both.

Currently, my top cities (not including my hometown) are Nashville and Charleston. Hoping my next road trip is to Waco, Texas because who doesn’t love Fixer Upper?

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-the Helm Household