Birthday Week: 24 things about me

It’s my birthday week! I’m going to be 24, and let me just say my 23rd year of life was quite crazy. I’ve moved, sold a house, celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary, traveled, and started a blog. This year, we will be celebrating in sunny California, so I’m excited for a weekend away!

That being said, I thought I’d give you a 24 random facts about me–one for each year.

1. I look really young for my age like really young. Most people think I’m a senior in high school, so that’s always fun.

2. I graduated college at 20.

3. My husband and I met in Mexico on vacation.

Me, My Husband (Not at the time), and My Little Brother

4. In a group of friends, I would be considered the blunt one. The one that you wish would have shut up five comments before they do.

5. I hate custom license plates, so dumb. I don’t know why just so dumb.

6. I was a vegetarian for three years because someone told me I couldn’t do it . . . I’m stubborn.

7. I’ve lived in three states in the past three years: Illinois, Washington, and Colorado.

8. I believe I have the cutest dog in the world.

Koda aka “The Fluff”

9. I have an obsession with ears. I hate dirty ears, it totally grosses me out. And, yes that means I clean my husbands.

10. I watch a lot of TV: reality tv, crime shows, supernatural . . . you name it, I probably watch it.

11. My favorite color is yellow.

12. I didn’t like beer until I worked at a Brewery. Don’t say you don’t like beer until you taste good beer, not college beer aka Busch light.

13. I’m a morning person. No matter weekend or weekday, I will be up at 7 AM the latest.

14. I don’t like to cook, so I eat a lot of popcorn for dinner.

15. I have 4 really close friends, not including family, and they live in Seattle, Colorado, Boston, and Florida.

Florida, Me, Boston – We met studying abroad in Costa Rica
Colorado – Roommates in College
Seattle – Same Dorm in College

16. I’ve been on two mission trips: Guatemala and South Africa.

17. I’m working on my MBA, and let me tell you . . . I just want to be done with it.

18. I honestly have the best family in the world. If you could think of the perfect family, I’m willing to bet that is mine.

My Fambam

19. I love to travel! And, my favorite city I have ever been to is probably Nashville.

20. My husband is literally my best friend. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Est. 2014

21. I don’t like to swim, especially not in the ocean.

22. My favorite season is fall. Bring on pumpkin spice everything!

23. I struggle with being content in where I live. I tend to always want to move somewhere or think there is somewhere better I could be living.

24. My favorite holiday is Christmas, but after that it is Halloween! I love haunted houses and spooky things. I just have to convince my husband to come along with me.

Cheers to me being nearly 24! I can’t believe it.

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– the Helm Household


My Netflix Must Watch List

I’ve been attempting to remove some TV from my life because to be honest, I freaking love watching TV. Let’s just say if other people have fun hobbies, stuff that makes them sound cool, I don’t have one of those . . . I watch TV. If I named off all the shows I watched, you’d be like how do you even have friends?

The weird thing is I’ve never met someone who loves TV more than me except for possibly my husband and my best friend. We watch it all: reality TV, crime shows, teenage girl shows . . . truly anything.

So, I thought I’d give you a few that I’m currently loving:

The 100, 2 Seasons on Netflix
I discovered this series on Netflix last week, and this is what actually prompted me to write this blog. I hadn’t heard about it. And, it is so good! I watched both seasons on Netflix in less than 10 days. If I had to relate it to another show, I’d say it’s like Lost but better. Thank you Netflix gods who recommended it to me! For a little bit of the back story, basically there is a war on Earth, so people have to move to space. Then, nearly 100 years later, they have to go back down to Earth because they don’t have enough Oxygen to survive. I promise you won’t be disappointed in this show!

Scandal, 4 Seasons on Netflix
Because who doesn’t think Kerry Washington is gorgeous? Scandal is such a great show, I’ve been watching since the beginning and this season is not disappointing. It’s definitely a political drama, but it isn’t like House of Cards. I could never get into House of Cards because I refuse to watch shows that you have to think the entire time. It’s kind of like Game of Thrones, I can never follow it because it requires my undivided attention, which doesn’t work because I’m always doing something while watching TV.

Grey’s Anatomy, 11 Seasons on Netflix
Holy cannoli! Has this season been insane or what? Honestly, Greys had gotten a little boring, sorry die-hard fans, (****SPOILER ALERT****) since Christina left the cast. But, I stuck through it and let me tell you this season is one for the books. It’s probably one of my favorite seasons yet.

Those are my top three currently! Well it doesn’t include the Walking Dead, but everyone loves the Walking Dead and recommends it.

Do you have any recommendations? Or questions on advice if you should watch a particular show? Put them in the comments below!

I can’t wait to hear from you,

– the Helm Household

My 2016 Blog Goals

Since I’m new to the blogging world, mine was born November 2015, I say I have a lot of work to do. On Twitter, I saw other bloggers talking about meeting their 2015 goals.

So, I decided to do mine for 2016:

  • Post 2 blogs a week, which totals 104 blogs for the entire year
  • Have 500 Twitter followers, currently I’m at 47 . . . so this might be a leap. But, hey! It’s just a goal, right?
  • Gain enough followers on Instagram to be at 550. I’m sittin’ pretty at 230 as I write this.
  • Start a Facebook page!
  • 150 people subscribe to receive my blog posts

I’m not sure how huge these goals are, but I’m really hoping that I’m able to make it happen!

When I started the Helm Household, I was solely looking for a creative outlet. I was an English major in college, thinking I wanted to teach English as a second language. But, ultimately I changed my mind, and that isn’t the case anymore. So, this is the place for my creativity now.

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– the Helm Household

Christmas before Christmas

One of the toughest things about traveling during the Holidays is that unless you’re married you don’t normally spend it with your significant other. So, you always have to figure out how to make it feel like Christmas, even if it isn’t the 25th yet.

Start with choosing one day as Christmas morning!

Whatever the day is, wake up and act like it is Christmas morning! You have to make sure that Santa doesn’t forget to stock the stockings or planning a great “Christmas” morning breakfast. Schedule it in advance, so you’re able to actually get into the Christmas spirit.


Make sure the place you’re having your Christmas at is decorated

We bought a little tree at King Soopers for $20. It isn’t higher than my waist, but it still brings the cheer. Have the house look festive, so you can plug in the Christmas lights and open gifts bright and early.


Celebrate Christmas Eve

The night before your Christmas morning, celebrate Christmas Eve! I recommend going ice skating or to zoo lights, both aren’t very expensive but are so fun and make great memories. My husband and I plan to do some outdoor ice skating here in Colorado.


Save a present for when you’re away

Although you’ve already chosen and had your Christmas morning, save a present for actual Christmas day! It should be something simple and small, something that means that you’re thinking about them.


I know it’s tough every Christmas not being with your significant other. This is only my second Christmas that I’m getting to spend with my husband. I remember when we were engaged, we still didn’t spend Christmas together. It’s that awkward time that he was the most important person in my life, yet we both spent most of the Holidays with our families. Now, we get to travel together at the Holidays!


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-the Helm Household

3 Small Shops, Christmas Gifts for Her

It’s finally December! Snow is on the ground, I’ve been drinking hot coco religiously, and watching the Polar Express every chance I get. Everyone is getting ready for this Christmas, so I’ve compiled a little wish-list for Christmas. Hint-hint, husband! But, I’ve actually been watching these shops for awhile now and think they’re unique.


Kissee Jewels

I had been eyeing Juneau Luxe, but personally it’s not realistic for me to spend $120 for a set of bracelets. But, Kissee Jewels is a great alternative. Their jewelry ranges from 20 to 40 dollars–and would be a huge hit to any lady in your life this Christmas! My personal favorite is their Champagne Tassel-Cranberry for $18.99.


Scarlet & Gold

Personally, I’m obsessed with this shop. I follow Sadie Robertson on Instagram, and I wandered onto Mary Kate Robertson’s page. I saw this shirt, My Home, a long sleeve t-shirt. I’m in love with it! It’s so cute with such a subtle, sweet meaning for the true reason for the season: Jesus Christ. Their entire shop has great looks! They also recently added new Christmas designs.


Pate and Birdie

Denise is such a great etsy shop owner! She is so sweet and has insane quality of work. Her little baskets are perfect for adding a little spark to any shelf you have in your house. Perfect for someone who needs to add a pop of color to their decorations. Her smaller baskets run around $30.


I highly recommend each of these shops for your Christmas shopping this year: Kissee Jewels, Scarlet & Gold, and Pate and Birdie. Each are smaller shops, which is always a great thing to support. I always attempt to by local or smaller, even if it costs a couple bucks more. I love supporting small businesses!


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-The Helm Household