My Netflix Must Watch List

I’ve been attempting to remove some TV from my life because to be honest, I freaking love watching TV. Let’s just say if other people have fun hobbies, stuff that makes them sound cool, I don’t have one of those . . . I watch TV. If I named off all the shows I watched, you’d be like how do you even have friends?

The weird thing is I’ve never met someone who loves TV more than me except for possibly my husband and my best friend. We watch it all: reality TV, crime shows, teenage girl shows . . . truly anything.

So, I thought I’d give you a few that I’m currently loving:

The 100, 2 Seasons on Netflix
I discovered this series on Netflix last week, and this is what actually prompted me to write this blog. I hadn’t heard about it. And, it is so good! I watched both seasons on Netflix in less than 10 days. If I had to relate it to another show, I’d say it’s like Lost but better. Thank you Netflix gods who recommended it to me! For a little bit of the back story, basically there is a war on Earth, so people have to move to space. Then, nearly 100 years later, they have to go back down to Earth because they don’t have enough Oxygen to survive. I promise you won’t be disappointed in this show!

Scandal, 4 Seasons on Netflix
Because who doesn’t think Kerry Washington is gorgeous? Scandal is such a great show, I’ve been watching since the beginning and this season is not disappointing. It’s definitely a political drama, but it isn’t like House of Cards. I could never get into House of Cards because I refuse to watch shows that you have to think the entire time. It’s kind of like Game of Thrones, I can never follow it because it requires my undivided attention, which doesn’t work because I’m always doing something while watching TV.

Grey’s Anatomy, 11 Seasons on Netflix
Holy cannoli! Has this season been insane or what? Honestly, Greys had gotten a little boring, sorry die-hard fans, (****SPOILER ALERT****) since Christina left the cast. But, I stuck through it and let me tell you this season is one for the books. It’s probably one of my favorite seasons yet.

Those are my top three currently! Well it doesn’t include the Walking Dead, but everyone loves the Walking Dead and recommends it.

Do you have any recommendations? Or questions on advice if you should watch a particular show? Put them in the comments below!

I can’t wait to hear from you,

– the Helm Household


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