My Colorado Avalanche Bud Light Ultimate Experience

The craziest thing happened to me this last weekend. I tweeted this:


Bud Light tweeted me back:


They asked if I wanted the Ultimate Experience. I mean seems kind of sketchy, is Bud Light just messing with me?

Well . . . it turns out they weren’t! I DM’d them, and they gave me contact info for a Promotions worker at the game. I had won 2 really good seats to the Avalanche game that night and to be able to go in the Avalanche Penalty Box during warm-ups.



Since we were already going to the game with friends, my husband and I were able to head up early and take advantage of being in the Penalty Box during warm-ups. And, I was also able to give my cousin the tickets that I had won to the game, and we sat in our original seats.

To top it off, we made it on the big screen using #BeAPartOfIt.


It was perfect! Such a great experience, that we would definitely never get to do if I hadn’t tweeted.

Moral of the story: When Bud Light asks if you want the Ultimate Experience. It’s not a joke . . . TAKE IT.

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Cheers Colorado!

– the Helm Household


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