Valentine’s Day Hype

Typically, Valentine’s Day is stuffy . . . full of expectations that tend to never be met. Personally, the typical Valentine’s day just isn’t for me. My husband and I did one normal Valentine’s day I think two years ago. And, it cost us around $200 bucks for dinner.

That’s expensive, especially when you’re trying to save like we are. Most restaurants require you to purchase their 5 course meal that is twice the price just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

To me, that’s not what it’s about. It is a time to celebrate your relationship, but how about actually doing what you enjoy? Not what you’re supposed to do on Valentine’s day.


Our Valentine’s Day Plan


Flower Budget

I just coined this term. He buys me pretty flowers, and I buy him something in the range he will be spending on the flowers. This removes the stress of picking out something perfect. It’s simple.


Make Dinner at Home

My husband is a chef. Legit, a chef. I’m horrible in the kitchen. I can chop an onion with my onion goggles or make a salad. I always say if I was required to cook for the two of us, we would live off of popcorn, grilled cheese, and caesar salad.

For the appetizer, we’re going to just do a meat and cheese plate. Then, we’re going to buy a ton of crab, attempt to cook it, and have that as our main course. For dessert, we’re going to do fondue. Who else registered for a fondue thing, got it for their wedding, and has never used it?


For drinks, Ryan will buy his favorite beer, and I will probably get my go-to Cabernet from 14 Hands. I also might buy a bottle of my favorite champagne ever, Segura Viudas.


Go to a movie, just kidding . . we’re going on a hike

I’m the worst person in the world to take to a movie. For starters, I have this thing I call the “nervous pee”. I know, gross . . . right? But, I get myself so worked up that I’m not going to have access to the bathroom, I have to pee like 12x before the movie. My husband is probably the only person in the world that could put up with it. It’s annoying, even to me. Secondly, I always fall asleep. I don’t know what it is, but I love to sleep in movie theaters. I think that it’s just dark, I don’t get to sleep much between work and school . . . BAM I just paid for a $12 nap. So, we definitely won’t be going to the movies. Instead, we’re thinking of heading to Boulder area to go on a hike.

Ultimately, Valentine’s day is whatever you want it to be with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. But, I recommend doing what is fun for two of you. Don’t do what is the typical Valentine’s day hype says you have to do. You know your relationship . . . if you love watching horror movies, do that. If you love some dive-bar near your house, go there.

It isn’t about showing everyone else on Instagram how awesome your relationship is. It is about showing the one person that matters most to you, how great it is and how much you appreciate them.


Cheers to another great Valentine’s Day!


-the Helm Household


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