Recap from Charleston and Savannah Road Trip

My favorite thing about a road trip is just getting time to spend with my husband. It’s such an easy way to trap him a car and make him talk to me! Haha, I’m just kidding. In our second month of being together, we took a 5 hour road trip from eastern Washington to Seattle area without any music the entire time. So, it’s safe to say they hold a special little place in my heart.

Our latest road trip adventure was from Orlando to Savannah to Charleston.

Orlando is mostly Disney World. Ryan only joined me for a couple days of that trip, due to the fact that it was a work trip. We did get to enjoy a night at Hollywood Studios, though, and I definitely don’t recommend that park if anyone in your group gets motion sickness. Epcot is definitely the park for you.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed to the airport to pick up our rental car. And, we were off! It’s about a four hour drive to Savannah–not too shabby. We only had one night in Savannah, and we chose to do a Haunted Drinking Tour of the town. It was actually more fun than we thought it would be.


We weren’t sure where to eat dinner. Normally, I’m a planner . . . I mean a PLANNER. But, this trip, I honestly just didn’t have the mental capacity to plan anything, so instead we asked locals. We were told to try out the Public, it was SO good. Totally worth the trip! The venue was gorgeous, but it was kind of small (just an FYI).

The next day, we packed up and were headed to Charleston. But, we decided to stop by Hilton Head first. And, let me say, I wish I was retired because I would move to Hilton Head in a heartbeat. I think if I moved there now, I’d pull the average age to possibly 40. It’s gorgeous! We walked on the beach and just drove around the island for a bit.


Next stop: Charleston. We were able to stay at the Francis Marion, which is right on King Street. And, every second Sunday on King Street, it shuts down. Only pedestrians and so much great shopping.


A couple highlights from Charleston was the carriage ride we did around the city. I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to do it, but it was definitely worth the money. It’s such a fun way to understand the history of Charleston.

We also went to Folly Beach, which I highly recommend. It was kind of chilly, but it was fun to walk on the Pier and finally see the ocean again! Being from the Seattle area, I’ve been missing my ocean views now that I live in Colorado.


For a restaurant, I recommend Fleet Landing. It is on the water, and it is definitely walking distance from King street. We drove just because it was cold, but the food was great I had fresh scallops and my husband had swordfish. I didn’t check if they had many options other than seafood, though.

It was a great road trip. Our conclusion was we would definitely go and vacation in Charleston, again. We liked Savannah, but it just seemed more of a party city, and we’re old and married.

Our tour guide in Savannah said it best: “Savannah and Charleston are sister cities. Savannah is just the rebel child with tattoos.” Truly was a great analogy after visiting both.

Currently, my top cities (not including my hometown) are Nashville and Charleston. Hoping my next road trip is to Waco, Texas because who doesn’t love Fixer Upper?

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-the Helm Household


2 thoughts on “Recap from Charleston and Savannah Road Trip

  1. Road trips are one leisure we lack here in Hawaii. Although it is about a 3, maybe 4, hour drive to do a complete loop around the island — about the same as your drive to Savannah — so that could count, I suppose haha. I think it’s great, your idea to spend your drives without music, it makes perfect sense! What a great opportunity for quality time and good conversation.

    I was especially excited to read your post because I was actually in Charleston not too long ago, December 2014! My mom and her parents are from there, so we drove down from Columbia, SC (where they live now), so they could show me their old stomping grounds. I loved all the architecture of the homes, filled with French inspiration. The entire city just screams so much history, it truly made me feel I was in another era. Can’t wait to go back.

    Side not, if you ever just so happen to take a road trip through West Columbia, SC, my grandparent’s own a restaurant on State Street called Café Strudel you could try! Safe travels!

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    1. I completely agree! I’m from Seattle area, and it really lacks that history that Charleston has. It’s absolutely stunning there.

      I’m sure we will be back in that area, so I will definitely keep your grandparents cafe in mind!

      Do you like living in Hawaii? I’ve never been, but we are thinking we might go to Maui this summer.


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