My 2016 Blog Goals

Since I’m new to the blogging world, mine was born November 2015, I say I have a lot of work to do. On Twitter, I saw other bloggers talking about meeting their 2015 goals.

So, I decided to do mine for 2016:

  • Post 2 blogs a week, which totals 104 blogs for the entire year
  • Have 500 Twitter followers, currently I’m at 47 . . . so this might be a leap. But, hey! It’s just a goal, right?
  • Gain enough followers on Instagram to be at 550. I’m sittin’ pretty at 230 as I write this.
  • Start a Facebook page!
  • 150 people subscribe to receive my blog posts

I’m not sure how huge these goals are, but I’m really hoping that I’m able to make it happen!

When I started the Helm Household, I was solely looking for a creative outlet. I was an English major in college, thinking I wanted to teach English as a second language. But, ultimately I changed my mind, and that isn’t the case anymore. So, this is the place for my creativity now.

If you want to help with one of my goals above, follow me on Twitter and follow me on Instagram. I’d love to connect with all my readers!

– the Helm Household


6 thoughts on “My 2016 Blog Goals

      1. Yes, Pinterest is great but I’m not seeing a lot of click through yet. Just waiting for one to go viral (in my dreams lol). It’s important to fill out the media data first before you put it in your post so when someone pins your picture it has all you website data preloaded. This is best if you use your own photos/art as new stuff and not repining from other users…
        I wrote a post about how to do it, if you want to know more.
        I really like the stats it gives on the business account because it breaks down all your demographics, but I’m a business nerd 😉

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