Why I’m 23 & still have an allowance

There are so many amazing things about getting married, but one of the weirdest is putting your finances together. Not everyone does this, but I do (pun intended). There definitely was a learning curve into everything isn’t fair. I don’t get to spend dollar for every dollar my husband spends and vice versa . . . or we would be in debt.


Instead of going into debt, we decided to have an allowance. Just like when you did your chores, and your mom gave you $10 a week. But, it’s a little bit different.

We both get $250 a month. That comes out to $3000 each a year. It is just what works for us, based on the cost of living in Colorado and our income.

What do we have to use our $250 for:

  • Anything we do without the other person
    • Travel
    • Going out to eat
    • Lunch at work
    • Movie with your friend
  • What we call extras
    • Haircuts
    • Nails
    • Massage
    • Supplements (Husband thing)

Truly anything you can fit into those two buckets. Or, if one of us want to “take the other on a date” we use our $250 for that, too.

Although $3000 a year seemed like a lot to me at first, I think about how much we were spending prior to that. We were spending money whenever we wanted to; our allowance instead keeps us on a personal budget, rather than being able to get my hair done whenever I want–I have to budget for it.

Ultimately, it has been the best thing for us. We feel like we have our own money! It’s ours. We’re able to save if we want something more expensive that the other doesn’t necessarily understand . . . like a kayak that my husband just purchased.

It doesn’t have to be $250 a month, it could be whatever works for your income and your marriage. Tweak it however you like, just staying within that number is key. It is easier to do an entire budget, if you already know what your personal budget is for that month.

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-the Helm Household


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