5 White Elephant Gift Ideas

I love games! When I say love, I mean love. I think I like them so much because I usually win, I’m not joking or being cocky, I’d say whenever I play I win 80% of the time. I’m just good at games.

I actually got 2nd at this game night (I’m on the left)

So, each year my family does a White Elephant gift exchange. If you’ve never done it, it is a fun way to get everyone involved from grandparents to five year olds. Click here to read about what a White Elephant gift exchange is.

This year, here are my top gift ideas for it:

The Squatty Potty

So funny, but absolutely something I want to try! It runs about 25 bucks, so it depends what your limit is for the White Elephant gift exchange. Either way, I think it definitely would be a hot ticket item.

Anything that says “Thanks, Obama”

If you’ve never seen the video of Jenna Marbles, it is a must watch. It isn’t anything political (let’s not start something like that), it’s just meant to be funny. It’s basically her just blaming Obama for her dog pooping on the floor or her sandwich not being delicious. Obviously, Obama doesn’t really have any say over that.

My husband and I started actually saying “Thanks Colorado” anytime something bad happened since we’ve just moved here. But, we also say “Cheers Colorado” anytime something awesome happens since the first time we had a really great day here was when we went to the Coors Brewery Tour–YAY SAMPLES.

Coors Brewery Tour

Something from a trip you went on

My husband and I went on a mission trip to Guatemala this past year. Since Guatemala is known for coffee, we bought a ton of it! I have extra, so I think I will use a thing of Guatemalan coffee as one of our gifts. It doesn’t cost me anything extra, nearly everyone drinks coffee, and it would be something someone would want to try.

The Toilet Cup

I actually found this at a garage sale and used it last year in a White Elephant gift exchange. I think the couple that got it, actually uses it. It’s perfect to just have for funny occasions–like giving it to your Grandpa to use to drink his 12th cup of coffee out of. He definitely won’t get his cup mixed up with yours, so that’s a positive.

Something from where you work!

My cousin works at Northface, so she gets 50% off everything in the store. Since our limit was $10 last year, she got a Northface beanie for that much. It was a steal.


Like I said, I’m a gamer, so I love white elephant gift exchanges. We normally start with this, then we move into Pinochle and Wizard. I highly recommend Wizard if your family is into card games. It is pretty easy to learn and really fun!


I can’t wait until Christmas!


-the Helm Household



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