Christmas before Christmas

One of the toughest things about traveling during the Holidays is that unless you’re married you don’t normally spend it with your significant other. So, you always have to figure out how to make it feel like Christmas, even if it isn’t the 25th yet.

Start with choosing one day as Christmas morning!

Whatever the day is, wake up and act like it is Christmas morning! You have to make sure that Santa doesn’t forget to stock the stockings or planning a great “Christmas” morning breakfast. Schedule it in advance, so you’re able to actually get into the Christmas spirit.


Make sure the place you’re having your Christmas at is decorated

We bought a little tree at King Soopers for $20. It isn’t higher than my waist, but it still brings the cheer. Have the house look festive, so you can plug in the Christmas lights and open gifts bright and early.


Celebrate Christmas Eve

The night before your Christmas morning, celebrate Christmas Eve! I recommend going ice skating or to zoo lights, both aren’t very expensive but are so fun and make great memories. My husband and I plan to do some outdoor ice skating here in Colorado.


Save a present for when you’re away

Although you’ve already chosen and had your Christmas morning, save a present for actual Christmas day! It should be something simple and small, something that means that you’re thinking about them.


I know it’s tough every Christmas not being with your significant other. This is only my second Christmas that I’m getting to spend with my husband. I remember when we were engaged, we still didn’t spend Christmas together. It’s that awkward time that he was the most important person in my life, yet we both spent most of the Holidays with our families. Now, we get to travel together at the Holidays!


Shoot me your tips for Christmas before Christmas in the comment section! You can also follow me on Instagram to say up-to-date on all my posts.


-the Helm Household


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