Travel Tips this Christmas Season

Traveling for Christmas can be a blessing and a curse. It’s tainted with crowds, irregular travelers, and grumpy people. But, the majority of us have to do it! At least to some capacity.

My husband and I are in that group. We live in Colorado, his parents live in Illinois, and mine in Washington. We’re headed everywhere this Christmas, we will be in Illinois prior to Christmas, then Washington for the week of Christmas.


With all the Christmas cheer, it’s important to keep in the Spirit! There is no need for traveling stress. So, here are some tips to help your travel:

Attempt to find a ride to and from the airport

Parking at the airport can be crazy during the holidays, finding a ride from a friend or Uber can cost you less and diminish stress. Plus, then you don’t have to scrape your car windows when you get back from your trip!

Give yourself extra time

I travel a decent amount for work and to see family. But, during the Christmas season, a lot of people traveling don’t travel that often. They might miss the 10,000 signs that explain you have to take your shoes off. Or, possibly forget to take their laptop out of their bag? Allow for that when getting to the airport.

Be nice to the airport employees and flight attendants

During Christmas, everyone is normally in such a good mood . . . but then you get to the airport, and every single person turns into the Grinch. Don’t be the Grinch! If something has gone wrong and you have to wait in a terribly long line, I promise if you start with a smile—you will get better customer service.

Download a Christmas movie or two for the flight

Stay in the Holiday Spirit! Why not order a hot coco from the flight attendant and watch a Christmas movie? My personal favorites are the Polar Express and Santa Claus.

Bring along a Christmas treat

If you’re traveling with your significant other, friend, or family, bring something to eat that reminds you of Christmas. It could be as simple as candy canes. Anything that reminds you why you’re traveling, even if the day has been stressful.

Hope these tips help with your flights for Christmas! Follow me on Twitter @HelmHousehold to stay updated on all posts.

– the Helm Household


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