3 Small Shops, Christmas Gifts for Her

It’s finally December! Snow is on the ground, I’ve been drinking hot coco religiously, and watching the Polar Express every chance I get. Everyone is getting ready for this Christmas, so I’ve compiled a little wish-list for Christmas. Hint-hint, husband! But, I’ve actually been watching these shops for awhile now and think they’re unique.


Kissee Jewels

I had been eyeing Juneau Luxe, but personally it’s not realistic for me to spend $120 for a set of bracelets. But, Kissee Jewels is a great alternative. Their jewelry ranges from 20 to 40 dollars–and would be a huge hit to any lady in your life this Christmas! My personal favorite is their Champagne Tassel-Cranberry for $18.99.


Scarlet & Gold

Personally, I’m obsessed with this shop. I follow Sadie Robertson on Instagram, and I wandered onto Mary Kate Robertson’s page. I saw this shirt, My Home, a long sleeve t-shirt. I’m in love with it! It’s so cute with such a subtle, sweet meaning for the true reason for the season: Jesus Christ. Their entire shop has great looks! They also recently added new Christmas designs.


Pate and Birdie

Denise is such a great etsy shop owner! She is so sweet and has insane quality of work. Her little baskets are perfect for adding a little spark to any shelf you have in your house. Perfect for someone who needs to add a pop of color to their decorations. Her smaller baskets run around $30.


I highly recommend each of these shops for your Christmas shopping this year: Kissee Jewels, Scarlet & Gold, and Pate and Birdie. Each are smaller shops, which is always a great thing to support. I always attempt to by local or smaller, even if it costs a couple bucks more. I love supporting small businesses!


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-The Helm Household


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