Most Recent Move: Colorado

Our most recent move was from Washington, not DC, to Colorado. We moved for work, like most people, and I’m currently still deciding if I like it.


The biggest change for me was we sold our house and now we live in an apartment. Why you ask? It’s so difficult to find a home while selling a home, plus we’re young and we weren’t sure if we still wanted that responsibility.

Our lovely 672 square foot apartment was a huge downsize. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to manage it with our little pup, but it works. Location was the biggest deal to us.

Why location? My husband and I grew up in two different worlds. I grew up in a suburb of Seattle, whereas my husband grew up in 2,000 person town in Central Illinois. We both prefer to be close to things, yet not in the big city like Denver. We found a complex in walking distance to restaurants, shops, and Starbucks (which is 100% needed moving from Seattle).

I highly recommend when moving to find somewhere that you like the location. It’s the thing they never stop saying when you buy a house, but what about living in an apartment? Don’t you want to like where you live? Although the rent might be a bit higher–it’s worth it. You want to come home everyday after work and be where you like. If having easy access to camping and hiking is important? Move to the location that has that, even if it means you have to drive a little longer to work.

With this move, we are trying to be positive. I’m trying to still figure out how to run a mile with this Colorado sunshine and altitude. Follow @theHelmHousehold on Instagram to not miss any posts.

-the Helm Household


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